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Are you organizing a roadshow and looking to hire top-notch roadshow staff? Whether you require a team to tour the UK or local staff to support your core team, EXECUTIONAL has skilled and dynamic teams to assist you. Visit our website at for all your jobseeker recruiting and gig worker needs.

Choosing Between Touring or Local Events

When it comes to staffing a promotional roadshow, you have two options to run your campaign:

  1. Have a team travel across the UK: While this provides consistency, it can also incur expensive travel costs.

  2. Have a local team for the event: This option ensures that the team is selected to match the image and quality of the roadshow.

Both options have their pros and cons. We are here to guide you in choosing the best option for your needs.

Visit our gig worker website at to explore job opportunities and recruit skilled gig workers.

Discover How Our Services Can Benefit You

How to Select the Perfect Staff

  • Extensive UK-wide Staffing Network
  • Skilled and Self-Assured Teams
  • Rigorous Candidate Selection Process
  • In-depth Training Programs
  • Consistently On-brand and Punctual
  • Cost-effective and Competitive Pricing

At, we recognize the significance of choosing the right workforce. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to building an extensive database of skilled gig workers. Our platform enables us to meticulously filter candidates based not only on their location but also their experience, specialized skills, and even physical attributes like hair color. By doing so, we guarantee that you receive the most suitable and exceptional staff members tailored to your specific requirements. We understand the value of precision in staffing, and our commitment to providing you with top-notch personnel sets us apart. Visit us at and experience the power of effective staff recruitment firsthand.

Expertly Prepared and Skilled Teams

Whether you need a dedicated core team or local support staff, is your go-to platform for jobseeker recruiting and gig worker solutions. We understand the importance of comprehensive briefings for every team member. At EXECUTIONAL, we offer central training days for roadshows with a core team, or we can provide thorough briefings to local support staff before the event day(s). Our efficient head office team ensures that all staff members are fully prepared and ready to excel in their shifts once they arrive. Visit today for seamless workforce management.

Promotional Staffing Agency

Promotional Staff

Exhibition Staff

Promo Girl

Product Demonstration

Costume Staff

Eperiential Staff

Brand Ambassdors

Roadshow Teams

Event Managers

Efficient Workforce Administration

From the first day of your gig worker journey to the final day of a 100-day roadshow, takes care of it all. We provide comprehensive management for job seekers and gig workers, ensuring they follow a seamless sign-in process with regional managers. This guarantees on-time and on-brand performance throughout the campaign, day or night.

Complete Event Coordination

From Planning to Execution

  • Team Leadership
  •  Setup Services
  • Displays
  • Promotions
  • Stock Management
  • Sales
  • Logistics and Storage

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