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GigWorker provides expertly-selected exhibition staff across the UK. Our team excels at engaging customers and clients at large exhibitions and conferences. With their ability to connect and relate to your audience, our staff represent your brand with energy, professionalism, and a deep understanding of your goals. Trust GigWorker to provide skilled event staff who seamlessly integrate into your team, adding value to every aspect of your event.

Why Hire Exhibition Staff?

Connect with GigWorker's Head Office

Choose GigWorker to save your head office team. Our local promo staff are cost-effective and available in your area, preventing the need to uproot your own resources. Keep your focus on your core business while we handle your promotional staffing needs.

Drive Targeted Visitors to Your Site

“Boost footfall at your stand with our dynamic sales teams and trade show professionals. They are experts in breaking the ice and expanding the reach of your booth, ensuring increased traffic and enhanced engagement. Let us drive your success at every event.”

This quote captures the essence of your services at Gig Worker in promoting stand traffic through skilled sales teams and trade show professionals. It emphasizes the benefits of their expertise in engaging visitors and extending the reach of your booth to maximize success at events.

Lead Acquisition

At GigWorker, our dedicated teams specialize in building long-lasting prospect databases. From capturing names and emails to scanning badges, we ensure effective data capture mechanics that extend beyond event days. Trust us to optimize your lead generation efforts.

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At GigWorker, we offer a diverse and skilled pool of exhibition staff available for booking at a wide range of conferences and events. Our dedicated team of professionals can enhance your event’s success by providing exceptional service and expertise. Whether you’re organizing an exhibition, conference, trade show, corporate hospitality event, PR activity, sporting venue, concert, VIP event, auction, or charity fundraiser, our exhibition staff are ready to make a lasting impression. Trust GigWorker to provide top-notch talent for your event staffing needs and elevate your event to new heights.

Exhibition Staffing Services

At GigWorker, we understand the importance of matching the right personalities, skills, and experience to your specific requirements. Whether you have a detailed brief or unique criteria, we have a diverse pool of exhibition staff who can perfectly fit your needs. Our goal is to ensure that every staff member we provide is a great fit for your event.

We offer a wide range of skilled exhibition staff types to cater to your specific requirements:

  • Stand Hosts/Hostesses: Engaging and professional staff members who excel at representing your brand and creating a welcoming atmosphere at your exhibition stand.
  • Corporate Event Staff: Experienced professionals who can handle various responsibilities and provide exceptional service at corporate events.
  • VIP Hospitality Staff: Highly trained staff members who specialize in delivering top-notch hospitality and personalized experiences to VIP guests.
  • Registration Staff: Efficient and detail-oriented staff members who can manage attendee registration and ensure a smooth check-in process.
  • Runners: Dynamic individuals who assist with various tasks, ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.
  • Meet & Greet: Friendly and approachable staff members who warmly welcome attendees and provide directions or assistance as needed.
  • Hospitality Staff: Skilled professionals who excel in delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring attendee satisfaction.
  • Presenters: Charismatic individuals who can effectively present your products or services, captivate the audience, and convey your brand message.
  • Lead Generators: Proactive staff members who engage with attendees, gather leads, and create opportunities for your business.

With our personalized and insightful service, we are committed to delivering the right staff members who will represent your brand with professionalism and enthusiasm.

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