GigWorker is a talent marketplace that matches contract workers with gigs at iconic organizations all over India.

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Our exclusive service model means our temps receive hours of industry-focused preparation – make sure they are the perfect fit for your business from day one.

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  • Open to work part-time or temporary / Project based jobs
  • Fully compliant with Indian labour law

Why gigworkers?

Faster recruitment process: Hiring gig workers is generally faster than recruiting full-time employees. Companies can engage freelancers for specific projects or tasks without the need for lengthy recruitment processes, saving time and resources.

Cost-effectiveness: Hiring gig workers can be more cost-effective for businesses in India. Companies can hire gig workers on a project basis, eliminating the need for long-term commitments and overhead costs associated with full-time employees. This cost-saving aspect makes gig workers an attractive option for small businesses and startups.

Reduced risk: By hiring gig workers, companies can mitigate the risks associated with full-time employment, such as legal liabilities, severance costs, and employee disputes. This reduced risk allows businesses to focus on their core operations and long-term growth.


Flexibility: Gig workers have the freedom to choose when and where they work. They can set their own schedules and take on projects that align with their interests and skills. This flexibility allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance and cater to personal commitments.

Diverse Skill Sets: Gig workers bring a diverse range of skills to the table. As freelancers, they often work on various projects across different industries, which enables them to develop a versatile skill set. This diversity can be valuable for businesses that require specialized expertise for specific projects.

Innovation and Fresh Perspectives: Gig workers tend to be highly motivated and self-driven individuals. They are constantly seeking new opportunities and challenging themselves with different projects. This drive for innovation brings fresh perspectives to the table, which can be instrumental in problem-solving and driving creativity within organizations.

Quick Turnaround Time: Gig workers are accustomed to working under tight deadlines and delivering quality work within a short span of time. Due to their experience in managing multiple projects simultaneously, they are well-equipped to handle time-sensitive assignments efficiently.

Scalability: Gig workers provide businesses with the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down as per their requirements. During peak seasons or when additional resources are needed, gig workers can be easily onboarded to manage the surge in workload. This scalability ensures that businesses can adapt to changing demands without any hassle.

Access to Specialized Talent: India is known for its pool of talented professionals across various industries. By hiring gig workers, businesses can tap into this vast talent pool and gain access to specialized skills that may not be available within their permanent workforce. This access to specialized talent can enhance the quality and efficiency of their projects.

Reduced Training and Onboarding Costs: Unlike full-time employees, gig workers usually have a high level of expertise in their respective fields. As a result, businesses can save on training and onboarding costs, as gig workers can quickly adapt to the project requirements and start delivering results from day one.

Increased Productivity: Gig workers have a strong sense of accountability and responsibility towards meeting project deadlines. Their focus on delivering high-quality work within stipulated timelines often leads to increased productivity. This heightened productivity can positively impact overall project outcomes.

Networking Opportunities: Working as a gig worker allows individuals to collaborate with different clients and organizations. This exposure opens up networking opportunities that can lead to future projects and collaborations. Building a strong professional network is crucial for gig workers to thrive and grow in their careers.

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How we Work

  • Employer contacts us (submit below) with requirement
  • Gigmarket sends quote
  • Employer accepts quote and signs agreement
  • GigWorker sends a shortlist of candidates to employer for interview
  • Employer selects gig worker and informs gigmarket.
  • GigWorker arranges entire deployment
  • GigWorker starts work
  • GigWorker invoices employer as per the signed agreement.

Who are Gig Workers?

Sales & Marketing

Tech & IT Skills

Facilities Worker

Event and Exhibition

Engineers & Workers

Healthcare Workers

HR Consultants

Teachers and Trainers

Transport Worker

Hospitality Worker

Legal Professional

Transport Worker

GigWork And JoB Opportunities For You

Merchant Onboarding

Remote Sales

Audit and Data Labeling​

Digital Payment Onboarding​

 Merchant Onboarding
  • Locations: Pan India


  • Payments & Perks: INR 1500 + Weekly payments

  • Job Type: Full Time

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Why GigWorker?

  • Timely Payments

    Your money reaches your bank account every Week.

  • Be your own Boss

    Flexible work timings and zero target pressure.

  • Get Trained Online

    Watch online video tutorials and webinars to learn.

  • More Earnings

    No earning limits, Perform better in order to earn the best.

Our partners are earning as much as INR 50,000 per month through the App.

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