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Unlock the Power of Staffers’ Network Technology for Staffing and Recruitment

Staffers is revolutionizing the staffing and recruitment landscape by challenging traditional agencies with our advanced network technology. Tap into the strength of Staffers’ expansive network, consisting of over 20,000 highly skilled workers in Norway and Sweden. Whether you need to cover temporary staffing needs or recruit top talent, our network is at your disposal.

With Staffers’ cutting-edge technology, companies can now manage their workforce more efficiently than ever before. Say goodbye to excessive recruitment costs and hello to increased productivity. Our innovative solutions enable seamless workforce management, allowing you to optimize resources, streamline operations, and keep costs in check.

Experience the future of staffing and recruitment with Staffers. Embrace our network technology and unlock a world of possibilities for your company’s success.


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Why Choose GigWorker for Recruitment?

Efficiently Fill Shifts and Permanent Positions

Discover Locally Available Workers in Our Network to Meet Your Last-Minute Needs and Scale Your Team Effortlessly. Explore GigWorker for On-Demand Talent Solutions

Clear and Transparent Pricing | GigWorker

See it as you get it. Transparent pricing and no upfront fees for temporary gigs. Starting from just 297 NOK/hour.

Discover the Talent | GigWorker

Discover highly rated gig workers on GigWorker. Choose from a pool of talented professionals with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Make informed hiring decisions based on ratings and other valuable information.

What we Offer

Find Daily Shift Jobs and Gig Work

GigWorker offers on-demand staffing solutions for restaurants, bars, hotels, and events.

Connect with pre-screened talent and fill your staffing needs in minutes.

Pay only for the hours used.

automated contracts and hassle-free hourly registration.

Permanent Job Opportunities

Are you in need of talented freelancers and gig workers? Post a job ad on GigWorker and specify your requirements!

Gain 6 weeks of visibility for your job ad in our extensive network, starting from just 3000 NOK.

Connect with a vast pool of pre-screened job seekers who possess industry experience in Norway.

Expand your reach to millions of individuals across 23 different countries in the EU for free, courtesy of our partnership with EURES.

Headhunting for Managerial Candidates​


Navigating External Networks

Schedule a 15-30 minutes call with our team to discuss your requirements and explore the benefits of hiring gig workers.

Reach Qualified Candidates

Maximize your hiring potential with our job ad posting service. Get started today!

Exploring Opportunities

Discover exciting possibilities as you search for the ideal match.

The Gig Worker Matchmaker

We meticulously screen, interview, and handpick the top three candidates for you within the first week.

The Client Interview

We present the top three candidates from our talented pool for your review, interview, and selection on GigWorker.

The Follow Up

At GigWorker, we strive to connect you with the best candidates for your job openings. Once we have identified the top three candidates for your review, interview, and selection, we take the initiative to follow up with you.

Exploring the opportunities available on our platform

We believe that our extensive network of freelance gigs, remote work options, and flexible job opportunities can help you achieve your professional goals.

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