At Gigworker, we specialize in providing exceptional costume staff services throughout the UK. Our team of dedicated professionals is highly experienced and talented, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch costume staff members for their various events and promotions.

With an extensive network of skilled costume staff members, we cater to some of the biggest clients in the industry. Our reputation is built on the excellence and reliability of our staff, who regularly travel across the country, embodying beloved television characters, sports mascots, and brand mascots.

Empowering Specialists in the Gig Economy

At Gigworker, we take pride in our Tier 2 category, which encompasses staff members who excel in themed costumes or full-body mascot suits. These individuals are considered specialists in their field. Our costume staff boasts extensive experience in various costume roles, breathing life into their characters like no other. One day, you might witness our talented team member embodying the playful persona of Peppa Pig, captivating audiences with an impressive full-body costume. The very next day, they might surprise you by transforming into a swashbuckling pirate, complete with an eye patch and a hook to boot. With our skilled staff, every event is a memorable experience.

Professional Costumed and Mascot Staffing Services

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Expert Themed Promotional Staff

Engage Your Audience with Themed Promotional Staff

At, we specialize in providing themed promotional staff who can bring your events to life with their captivating character portrayals. Our dedicated team of staff members goes above and beyond by donning costumes and transforming into a wide range of characters. From enchanting wizards and eerie mummies to thrilling zombies, our talented staff have embraced various roles to create unforgettable experiences during Halloween events.

At Gigworker, we understand the significance of team mascots in enhancing the sporting experience, particularly in events like football and rugby. We recognize that team mascots are not only a symbol of the sports team they represent but are also believed by many supporters to bring good luck.

Our dedicated staff members have had the privilege of representing esteemed teams such as Leeds Rhinos, The Olympics, and the England Lionesses. With their boundless energy and expertise, they know how to ignite the crowd’s enthusiasm. You’ll witness them joyfully skipping across pitches, rallying the crowds, and infusing an electrifying atmosphere into the events.

When it comes to making sporting events unforgettable and injecting an air of excitement, our team mascots excel. Join us at Gigworker and let our vibrant mascots add that extra touch of magic to your next event.

Mascots at Shopping Malls

At Gigworker, we understand the importance of creating memorable experiences at shopping centers. Many shopping centers have their own beloved mascots, and we’re here to help you leverage their charm and appeal to benefit your business.

One example is the Fort Shopping Centre in Birmingham, where Frankie the Fort Fox regularly makes appearances. Not only does Frankie entertain families and visitors, but he also collects donations for charitable causes, creating a positive impact within the community. Similarly, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with The Entertainer toy stores across the country. Our dedicated staff members dress up as Jack, The Entertainer mascot, as well as Lego superheroes Batman and Robin, to generate excitement and promote new store launches. The combination of these lively mascots and our brand ambassadors distributing leaflets adds an extra touch of enthusiasm to the shopping center environment.

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Event and Exhibition Mascots

Although exhibitions aren’t the first place you would expect to find a costumed character, they’re actually a great draw to bring people to your stand. Previously we’ve provided costume staff for Lego, The Caravan Club at the National Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show, and The Entertainer. We have also done lots of work at county shows with a number of brands, but mostly with Redrow Homes who are a long-standing client of ours. Our staff regularly visit shows and schools as Buster and Buddy, the Redrow mascots.

Screening and Safety Measures

At Gigworker, we prioritize safety and peace of mind. Our costume staff are rigorously DBS checked, guaranteeing a secure environment for both our team and event attendees. We understand the importance of constant supervision for characters in full costume, and we offer the option of providing a dedicated chaperone or working with a member of your own team to ensure a seamless experience.

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